Washing Systems for Flats and Containers

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Washing Systems for Containers and Trays

Pack Mfg. Tray Washer

adjustable tray washer to remove dirt and algae from trays

Willburg Projecten Pot Washer

machine for cleaning algae and dirt off containers

Tray Washer


  • 2" Water Connection
  • 220V 1 phase 
  • 3" Water Discharge
  • 4 Spray Bars per Side
  • Adjustable Rails, up to 24" tall.
  • Water Pump


Pot Washer


  • 1 horizontal rotating brush of 1.45 meters long (especially for the removal of algae)
  • 4 vertically placed rotating brushes 25 cm high
  • All brushes are sprayed with water
  • Both the V-belt and the conveyor belt are frequency controlled.
  • Drainage is provided with a plastic pipe of 70 mm
  • Forward movement of the pots is done by a waterproof conveyor in conjunction with a v-belt, which presses the pot in the horizontal brush.
  • Option air blowers to dry the pot
  • Power supply 230 volt 1 phase with neutral and earth
  • The plants can be watered from above using an irrigation tube with several holes
  • The pot washer is delivered including a removable water container.


The Willburg Pot Washer is unique in its design. Pots are conveyed through on single line conveyor belts. There is multiple brushing on both sides of the pot as it passes through. The Willburg machine is suitable for all pot sizes up to a true 2 gallon container, round or square, and only takes a few seconds to change from one pot size to another with a simple crank-handle system. Square pots are rotated through the washing process to clean all four sides evenly. A large tank underneath holds all of the rubbish, and requires emptying normally only once a week with normal use. This is a total linear system with input and output conveyors and is the most advanced pot washing system available on the market place.

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