HerkuPlast was founded in 1972 by Dr. Juergen Kubern who remains the CEO of the company to this day.  Dr. Kubern along with a group of growers saw a need for trays that could be used over and over. Better handling and the possibility to push out plants with a push out plate led to the development of QuickPot™. These trays have a lifetime of approximately 10 years. Growers that ship their product to customers and don't wath to use the QuickPot™ long life trays Choose to use the HerkuPak™ trays. This HerkuPak™ line consists of light trays for 1 - 3 times use. The trays are among the best quality light trays in the market. The total tray program consists of multiple different propagation trays and is still growing. The company has their own technical department that is responsible for research and development. From an idea to a tray delivered on your doorstep, it's taken care of by HerkuPlast and Hort Tech Systems. 



  • All QuickPotTM trays are made with large bottom holes to allow easy plant removal with the use of a push-out plate.
  • Built-in destacking lugs ensure easy separation of trays by hand or by machine.
  • Most trays have a corresponding Plug Release Plate that can be purchased.
  • Multiple tray configurations to choose from.
  • QuickPotTM trays are made of heavy-duty reusable polystyrene and used with care will last up to 10 years, making overall cost per plant very low.
  • Thanks to the high quality of material used, QuickPotTM trays have a high residual value for recycling.
  • The smooth surface enables easy cleaning and disinfecting, both chemically and by hot water treatment (up to 75 C / 160 F).
  • These large holes and the protrusions in the cell base ensure excellent drainage and oxygen supply.

QuickPot ™

Euro Sizes

40 x 60 cm

US Sizes

10" x 20"

Danish Sizes

31 x 53 cm

31 x 55 cm

Tree Trays

Varying width and lengths available 

Standard Sizes

33.5 x 51.5 cm


This range of trays is a less expensive alternative to the stable QuickPot™ trays.  Despite being made out of thinner material a 20 mm. rim around the edge of the tray makes it easy to handle.
HerkuPak™ trays are suitable for automation.


Quick Facts 

  • More than 100 models direct from stock.
  • More models are being developed.
  • Light trays with the quality standard of well-known QuickPotTM.
  • Thanks to a .79″ edge around the trays they have great stability

HerkuPak ™

US Sizes

10" x 20 "

Euro Sizes

36 X 56 cm

Danish Sizes

 Varying width and lengths available

Paper Pot Sizes

  Varying width and lengths available 


When you need to automate your planting and transplanting with pushout plates and a push out machine.  


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