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  • Comes ready to go (comes with one cartridge of aluminum tape banding and spool of thread)
  • The machine is reliable and built to last
  •  Comes with its own storage case
  • Elastic thread cuts in all temperatures
  • With the turn of a screw, tying tension can be adjusted.
  • Because the thread is elastic, as plant grows so can the thread 
  • Available Biodegradable thread (1 or 2 year available)
  • Over 1000 ties per aluminum cartridge and 230 to 330 ft of thread depending on type chosen 



  • 230ft of thread (Std)
  • 1000+ ties per Aluminum tape cartridge
  • Tying Unit is a robust design made with stainless steel parts
  • Tensioning Screw on thread feeding system allows for various holding capacities

MASCH Sprayers

This unit provides a quick and easy way to spray pesticide between rows of plants.  The motion of the front wheel as it turns (as you walk and push the unit), creates pressure and pumps out the spray.  The spray reservoir holds approximately 2 gallons of liquid.  The spray shields can expand up to 24 inches.

​​​Quick Facts:

  • 2 gallon liquid reservoir
  • Easily adjust handle height
  • Expandable spray shield to protect plants from spray
  • Just walk and push the unit and it sprays on its own
  • Lightweight
  • Self-pressurizing as you push
  • Sprays between rows​


Hand Held Pot Movers

Touch-Less Pot Mover

Designed and handcrafted by Hort Tech Systems, these specialty handles easily latch under the lip of heavy pots, allowing easy pick up and moving of heavy pots. This small portable tool is perfect for the nursery or home gardener. 

Quick Facts:

  • Distribute weight evenly
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates pain and strain on your hands
  • Eliminates sticking your fingers in the pot
  • Picks up 2 larger size plants at one time
  • Saves on labor costs


Pot Caddy

 Small Pot Caddy

  • 20″ Wheel base
  • 59″ Tall
  • Adjustable to max pot height of 18″ tall at Lip.
  • Curved handle
  • Galvanized iron
  • Handles pots from 18½” to 19¾”
  • Quick slider

Large Pot Caddy

  • 23″ Wheel base
  • 64″ to 70” Tall adjustable
  • Adjustable to max pot height of 23″ tall at Lip.
  • Curved handle
  • Galvanized iron
  • Handles pots from 21⅝” to 23⅝”
  • Quick slider

*Pot must have a lip on top edge to allow use of the pot lifter.


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New Concept Harness

 This ergonomic harness is based on the backpack principle with the weight of the attached machine being redistributed to the back and the hips. It is designed for free moving trimmers, such as the crown mower. It allows you to still move and trim freely as you would, but with less wear on the body, meaning one can work with a higher yield and better cutting result.  



  • Ergonomic
  • Free-motion
  • Wears like a backpack
  • Increase production up to 10x
  • Pairs perfectly with our Crown Mower 
  • Snap ring quick connect 

Nishigaki Shears

This magnificent quality tool is made from high carbon heat-treated Japanese Steel. The steel is hard chrome plated to prevent rust and a special designed locknut to prevent slippage. The grip is all aluminum and will last a lifetime. The shears are designed for snipping buds, flowers, harvesting fruit and finishing small plants. The long pointed blades give greater reach in restricted areas. An additional feature is the handle loop which allows the shears to remain in the hand while doing other work. For safety's sake, a catch is provided to lock the blades in the closed position. The blade is sharpened to a razor like edge. The maximum cut is .5 inch. Blade length is 4.5 inches and overall length is 10 inches. We have replacement Springs!! Call for price and shipping information.


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