Trimming Systems for Containers and Field Production

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Trimming Systems

Lommers In-Line Pruners


Lommers Field Pruners


Lommers Crown Mowers


Lommers Root Trimmer


Lommers EZ Globe Trimmer


Baars RT-10 Root Trimmer


Baars RT-5 Mini Root Trimmer


Lommers In-Line Pruners



  • Adapts to most conveyor types
  • Adjustable angle for trimmers
  • Adjustable cutting blade speed control
  • Adjustable height to accommodate larger size shrubs
  • Adjustable width for trimmers (distance apart) 
  • Adjustable width to for spinning various size containers up to a 5 gallon container
  • Spin containers past top cutting bar and side cutting bars / globe trimmers / star blades
  • Air blow off to remove debris from conveyor
  • Air blowers to help guide foliage for trimming 
  • Consistent uniform trimming 
  • Containment  bins to collect debris from trimming plants
  • Conveyor belt length 3 m to 5 m (9’4” to 16’4”)
  • Conveyor Belt width 25 cm to 45 cm (9½” to 17¾”)
  • Easy Maneuverability 
  • Emergency Shut Off Switch
  • Fast cycle time for trimming 
  • Larger size tires to transport machine over rough surfaces 
  • Machine dimensions suitable to pick up with fork lift 
  • Multiple trim heads and cutting bars interchangeable
  • Mix and Match to your needs 
  • Multiple types of plants can be trimmed
  • Powered by electrical motor 220 3 phase or single phase 
  • Powered by onboard gas motor to operate hydraulics remotely in field 
  • Reduce cost per plant 
  • Reduction of people field trimming
  • Steel Construction
  • Top trimming cutting bar trimmer 24 inches
  • Tow using a small tractor
  • Trim option continuous motion trimming 
  • Trim option start stop trimming
  • Vacuum to remove debris from cutting head and multiple locations


The Lommers In-line trimming systems are easily custom built to your container trimming needs. The In-Line pruning system is capable of pruning a wide variety of potted plants ranging in the various shapes of your customer needs. 

The In-line trimming system is available in several different configurations to best suit your nursery needs. The continuous motion where the container spins around a stationary trimming head, or a stop start system where the plant stops and the trim head rotates around the container. 

Lommers Field Pruners


  • 4 Mechanical Adjustable Height Wheels 
  • Diesel or Gas Motor  
  • Adjustable Blade Angle 
  • Adjustable Speed Hydraulic Cutting Blades  
  • Emergency Shut Off Switch
  • Globe or Straight blades available
  • Hydraulically driven wheels
  • Moveable Framework For Knives
  • Row Width Adjustment
  • Tree Height for pruning 2 mtr (78 ¾ inches)


  • Easily Centered Over Plant
  • Easy Maneuverability
  • Single person to operate
  • Trims Every Plant Consist


The Lommers High Pruning Machine is a great machine for trimming cones for evergreens and Christmas trees it can also be quickly changed to trim globes. The Lommers High pruning machine will consistently trim to your required shape and size for each plant. Globe blades available in sizes from 9¾” to 33½”. Straight blades available in 4 lengths from 24” to 70”.   

Lommers Crown Mowers

 Quick Facts:

  • Powered by cordless drilling system
  • Quality & consistent trims
  • Increased Production
  • Comes with two batteries
  • Battery charge provides 1 hour of trimming and takes only 45 minutes to charge
  • 6-10x faster output


  • Available in various power supplies
  • Consistent trimming
  • Faster output
  • Quality trimming

Power Supply Options:

  • Battery operated drill
  • Corded drill
  • Gas powered drill

Cutting Head Sizes Available:

  • 12 cm = 4.72"
  • 14 cm = 5.71"
  • 16 cm = 6.29”
  • 18 cm =7.08"
  • 20 cm = 7.87"
  • 22 cm = 8.66"
  • 25 cm = 9.84"


This crown of the trimmer is crafted out of a solid block of steel using 3D milling saw in Holland, and is then sent to Oregon where Hort Tech Systems outfits the machine with a shaft and electrical drill to power the mower. This specially designed trimmer is made to quickly and efficiently trim plants with a consistent size and cut each time. There are multiple sizes available to fit your trimming needs. 

For best results we highly recommend pairing with the New Concept Harness, which redistributes the bulk of the weight, using a backpack principle, from your arms and upper back, to your hips. This allows for longer use without the extra wear on your body. 

Lommers Root Trimmer


3 phase 380 V  

Adjustable pruning  

Adjustable Speed Hydraulic Cutting Blades  


Emergency Shut Off Switch 

Foot Pedal 

Hydraulic Clamp 

Hydraulic Controlled 

Tree Support 


The Lommers Root Pruner is easy maneuverable taking one person to operate. Trees are trimmed consistently and even, ready to be planted into whatever size container you need. 

Lommers EZ Globe Trimmer


Trimmer is capable of trimming 18" - 36+" cones with the use of an attachment blade.

Standard Cutting Head Sizes Available:

  • 25 cm = 9.84"
  • 30 cm = 11.81"
  • 35 cm = 13.78"
  • Larger sizes available upon request

​Quick Facts:

  • Consistent trimming shape and size every time
  • Cost effective alternative to larger more expensive trimmers
  • Easy maneuverability​
  • Easy to use
  • Interchangeable blades can be purchased separately
  • Manual push-lightweight
  • Pull start motor
  • Saves on labor costs


Easy Globe Trimmer is an easy to use globe trimmer that is manually pushed through the field. It has a pull start motor and comes with one globe trimming blade. It allows you to quickly and efficiently trim your plants into globes that will be the same size, every time. Multiple blade sizes can easily be interchanged to meet the sizing standards. 

Baars RT-10 Root Trimmer


  • Capacity up to 10 trees per minute (speed can be adjusted proportionally)
  • Laser depth guide for correct tree placement for cutting
  • Prune diameters (adjustable): 7⅞ – 21¼ in.
  • Pruned trees counter
  • Roots are discharged by a conveyor belt
  • Stem diameters: ½ – 2 in.


 The B-TECH Root Trimmer RT-10 is a root trimming machine developed in cooperation with various tree nurseries, for pruning the roots of trees. 

Baars RT-5 Mini Root Trimmer


  • Capacity: 1200 trees per hour (speed adjustable proportionally)
  • Tree size: 10 – 40 mm (diameter)
  • Root system diameter: 5 – 20 cm (adjustable)
  • Required power: 380 volt
  • Tree counter


The B-TECH Mini Root Trimmer RT-5 is developed in cooperation with a fruit tree nursery, for pruning the roots of small fruit trees. The machine prunes up to 6 – 10 times faster than by hand. 

The B-TECH Mini Root Trimmer is developed in cooperation with a fruit tree nursery, for pruning the roots of trees. 

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